Saturday, May 17, 2008


OK, so I'm a touch late. Sue me. Yes, I am back from my 2 week work-vacation in New Jersey... It was a blast! For the first several days, Joe and I stayed with Brooke Babylon & her hubby/partner in porn, P. We did some really great shoots, and we're waiting to get their end of the footage before we get to the editing process. It was a lot of fun hanging out, and we also did a quick smoky BJ shoot with the JupaMan, which was really cool - though I must say, it killed my jaw, lol! He's got some thick junk! :)
We then proceeded to visit Joe's friend in PA, and then i proceeded to discover that I'm allergic to indoor cats, so Joe drove me back to NJ to help my best friend move into her new house, and I also painted a really excellent mural in her son's bedroom. My camera wasn't functioning properly so I am waiting for her to send me pics, but I will have them soon.

Well, it's business as usual, so I've been busy getting some of my videos up on my page. I still have a ton more to upload, but there's a bunch of them up now, along with some teasers. Here's a sample of one of our early flicks, "Cock Massage 101", where I teach all lovers of penis how to give a tantric handjob!
Click here to watch!
You like? Please buy or rent the whole clip on Rude - support your local(ish) independent porn creators! ;)

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