Thursday, April 24, 2008

assistance required

So as many of you know, Joe and I are going to NJ to do some photo/video shoots with Brooke Babylon. We've been planning it for a while, but I've just found out that pretty much all of the paid shoots we were going to do have fallen through. I'm supposed to stay an extra week to paint a mural in my best friend's new house, but with no paid shoots, I won't be able to afford the trip!
I absolutely HATE to do this, however, I am offering a special deal to anyone who contributes to my travel fund... You will receive copies of whatever videos and photos that I do with Brooke if you chipin $15 or more. Make sure you contact me here on MySpace or at to let me know you contributed, (proof required, so no pulling fast ones, boys!) and when the editing is done, I will send you special download links.
Thanks in advance for your help in this matter!

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