Tuesday, April 8, 2008

today's agenda: editing videos

Yep, I'm back in the swing of having the camcorder running for hours... Last night I completed a really fun custom video (much of it will be edited into short pieces, some will be on youtube and others will be on clips4sale) where I play a nervous wife about to meet my in-laws for the first time (I guess they must have been globetrotting when the wedding happened, LOL!) and I decide to get wasted on bong hits and wine coolers to calm my nerves while I get ready to meet them. Next thing ya know, I'm putting on ridiculous makeup and slutty clothes! Kinda funny, I think. I squeezed into the corset that was bought specifically for the shoot, but let me just say... NEVER AGAIN. That fuckin thing is a goddamned torture device!!! Corsets look nice and all, but uh, I like being able to breathe and bend down to put my shoes on and things like that, so yeah. No more corsets for me, thanks! Anyway, I did get a lot of cool shots and some good smoking clips, so expect to see some of it up tonight. I'll be spending my day editing and talking to Rebekah.
So after I finished the scenes I needed to do for this custom, Joe & I decided to do another Smoky Kisses clip - this one's even hotter than the first one we did! By this point, we were both so horned up that we just kept filming... He fucked me from behind while I smoked his Camel cigarettes and then he turned me over and fucked me until I came. And then I gave him a smoky blowjob! Crazy hot night, people - I'm tellin ya. And we got all of it on tape. Stay tuned...

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