Thursday, November 27, 2008

Itchy Trigger Finger

Y'know, I love YouTube. Really. But some of the folks in its community really need to grow up. I just got word that one of my videos was removed because it supposedly violated YouTube community guidelines. I took a look at them, and honestly, the content of the video didn't resemble any of the "rules". It was less than 2 minutes long, a clip from when Goddess Glory came to visit where we were talking about burping and farting. It was just funny, but there was no actual burping or farting in the video. Even if there were, it doesn't go against the community guidelines at all. I think that maybe YouTube mods don't even check out the videos before they pull them down, because I have seen much more offensive videos than that get a few million views.

Hmm, maybe the idiot who reported it was a fart fetishist who got pissy that there was all talk and no action. Or maybe it was someone who's too sensitive to be allowed to use the internet. Or maybe I should just not give a flying fuck and upload it to some other tube site that doesn't have such an unevolved community.
Remember kids: censorship is un-American!

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