Monday, April 21, 2008

brain dead

haven't been thinking too well lately. well, maybe i'm thinking too much about some things and therefore not thinking at all about other things, and now i feel kinda douchey.

the shift key on the pc is wonky. ugh. anyway...

check out my friends links... added some folks that shoulda been there from the getgo. i feel so overwhelmed, because like some of you know i go through bouts of antisocial behavior, just kind of withdrawing from contacting many people and doing my thing. i've been meeting tons of cool folks online in the last few months, and i wish i had it in me to write to everyone every day, but i don't. i feel bad about that a lot, but i hope the friends i have and new ones i make don't take it personal. i always liked writing in blogs because i always looked at it as a way to stay in touch with everyone all at once.

anyway, i have some raking and gardening to tend to, but if you're reading this, i hope you're well.

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