Wednesday, April 16, 2008

response from a friend, my response back, and again, another RE:

Ok, so for those of you who read my last blog post, you know I was a bit upset about people making assumptions and being haters for no apparent reason other than to make themselves feel better about their own pathetic existence. I also posted it on my MySpace, and a dear friend of mine responded:

And I love you too..with all my fat, tattooed, blue haired (although currently blond) heart. It is very difficult to stomach some of the comments people have made about me on here and on the street. Some people just have a cruel streak and the anonymity of the web fuels their desires to be as mean as possible because they know they will never be "caught". I would love to say that I just let some of the more creative comments just roll off my back, but sometimes they stick and they hurt like hell. There is no stopping the haters of this world, if that is what feeds their fires then fine, but don't use my fat ass for fuel.

What a different world this would be if the people who wasted their energy on making fun of others applied it towards something useful? Imagine if, instead of making some snarky crack at someone who is just trying to live their life, you channel that energy into a more rewarding successful suicide attempts or masturbation..either way, the world just might be a better place : )

And my response to her (which explains in detail about the situation that caused the initial rant):

Oh honey, don't I know it. What brought this on was a video I did (tastefully nude) talking about when I was an art model, and a few other things, like how I like my stretched out belly and I don't care if people think I'm fat. Some Brit chav wanker decided to make a video response where he goes on about how I'm using my pregnancy as an excuse to stuff my face and be lazy. What's hilarious about this is that I'm not overweight because of overeating. In fact, I should probably eat more than I do; I have a tendency to ignore hunger until I'm lightheaded. which I know is probably just as bad as overeating, but the reason why I do this is psychological, based on the knowledge that most foods available are processed, filled with chemicals and god knows what else. When I go to the grocery store, and every time I open the refrigerator, I see poison. This is why Joe and I are starting a garden this year, and hopefully in the near future we'll be able to move somewhere with more land and have chickens, etc.
At any rate, it just sickened me that this guy thinks I sit around all day eating. I sit around all day working and forgetting to eat! Not that I really care what some scumbag across the world thinks of me, especially since he obviously knows nothing about me, but still... Aside from hereditary factors, part of the reason I got as big as I am is that nasty Mountain Dew habit you'll recall me having some years back. High Fructose Corn syrup is one of the major causes for obesity in the US, and it's in DAMN NEAR EVERYTHING! I mean, literally... it's in relish, it's in crackers, it's in yogurt... next time you go shopping, look and see how many items have HFCS listed in the ingredients. And, even if I did have an awesome appetite, all that Mountain Dew has fucked up my teeth so badly that I have a hard time chewing a lot of things, and I have to be very careful what I eat, and how I eat. Every meal starts with trepidation because if I chew just slightly wrong, I could end up with a toothache like whoa. How I am still overweight is a mystery to me, although I will admit that all winter I just sat around the house and the only exercise I got was having sex. Bet dude can't say the same, hahaha!
I think this guy felt threatened by me, because I made it quite clear that I have no hang ups, that I'm confident, and I love myself. I think that scared him because frankly, all his channel on youtube consists of are video responses wherein he rags on other people's videos. Definitely a basement dweller who needs assistance from roofies to get laid, no doubt. OH! But here I am making assumptions, oopsy. Well, whatever the reason for his actions, he's in the minority. Most people who saw my video felt inspired, told me I was brave, and I guess I was, but I ended up not allowing comments and video responses after that jackass said what he said because I shouldn't have to put up with abuse from immature losers with too much time on their hands.

Anyway darlin, ranty mcrantsalot is going over and out. much love to you and the man and the kids.

That's all I'm gonna say about this issue, I'm washing my hair of it completely. I did stick up for myself, or tried to at least what with the 500 character limit youtube gives you for comments. He hasn't replied, he probably realized what a dumb twat he was for making assumptions. But it's whatever. I don't want to waste my energy on being mad at people for being nasty and stupid. Fuck the haters. I'm gonna go do some yard work now.

Oh wait, update:
THANK YOU!!! Finally someone else who believes what I have been trying to tell people since I read fast food nation years ago. HFCS is the devil! and not the good, free margaritas, topless dancers kinda devil either. It effects the liver, is the #1 reason for the rise in childhood diabetes, is an indigestible form of double saccharides so your body produces twice as much insulin to combat it, but it doesn't break down so it hits your liver like a full force chemical bomb. We have done all we can to not purchase any foods that have it as an ingredient and when I find it in diet products like Diet Snapple and light salad dressings I write complaint letters. The stuff is pure poison. Years ago everyone was all about diets with no refined sugar, claiming they were nutritionally void, but HFCS is 100 times worse. It was created by Japanese scientists in the late 50's as a way to fatten cattle and provide cheaper, stronger sweeteners. Fuck that!
I will have to check out your you tube dealie later. Honey, if you are confident and comfortable being nude, then jam out with your clam out! Don't let some clogged douche nozzle wreck your good times. You are much too smart and way to beautiful for that kinda crap-o-la. Good luck playing farmer green jeans with Joe. Grow a nice big zucchini then make a video to let that British pooh stick know where he can stick it.
Love & stuff,

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